Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Messy Garden

(Kitty, Drama Queen Sweetie Peach, and the giant zucchini)

Last night I dreamt about my garden. Not that it is really much of a garden right now. About a month ago I gave in to the heat and stopped watering it. And it has been so hot that I have yet to go out there and actually rip out the plants. So it is an overgrown, brown mess.

Two weeks ago Kitty was in the back yard and came in carrying a huge zucchini and two tomatoes she had found hidden in my messy garden. I was very surprised, considering the plants had not been watered for a few weeks by that point. I surmised that the plants must have roots sucking water up from the neighbor's lawn (the garden is along our back fence).

But back to my dream: I dreamt of my garden just as it is now. Brown. Weedy. Overgrown. But, as I searched throught the garden--lifting up leaves and branches--I discovered beautiful vegetables growing there. And I had the distinct thought that if I looked harder in the garden that I would find other hidden things growing for which I could be grateful. I just needed to search.

When I woke up I realized this dream had a clear message for me to hear.

About the same time I stopped watering the garden I was laid off of my job. And my life has been rather messy ever since (kind of like the state of my garden). I know things are going to work out and everything will be okay. But I think I could do a better job searching out and finding the hidden blessings life is growing for me right now instead of wishing for life to be different than it is.

I may just find another huge zucchini to enjoy.

Scripture of the Day: 2 Nephi 26: 20-21


  1. I tried to post a comment a few minutes ago but my computer was being weird so I am not sure you got it. So in case you didn't --I was just saying what a great dream that was. I don't think I have ever received inspiration in dreams, but my husband does all the time. I am glad you were able to easily understand the lesson being taught as I am sure it brought you some comfort at this time.

  2. Great analogy. I gotta say, I loved your substitute poster. I got a good chuckle out of Steve's post while you were gone.

  3. See, I had a sassy comment all ready about zucchini and you come up with this really cool, thought provoking post. Love it. Keep up the good work that keeps me thinking good, not sassy, thoughts!


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