Friday, August 20, 2010

Rad/Not Rad -- Crazymama Style

A friend of mine often writes blog posts called Rad/Not Rad, which I always enjoy reading. Generally her cute kids are doing funny things and she blogs in a way that is true to life. I admire her for that ability because when I try to do it that way it comes off as whining. Somehow it doesn't seem like whining when she does it. Oh well. But any way, here is my day done Rad/Not rad Crazymama style. (Thanks for the inspiration, Crazymama!)

Rad: Finishing both of my class syllabi (is that the plural of syllabus?) and getting them turned in for copying.
Not rad: Driving to MCC and getting such a nervous upset stomach on the way there -- I almost thought I would have to pull over to throw up.

Rad: Meeting a very helpful cool secretary who was willing to hand-hold me through some new procedures. Audry rocks!

Rad: Finding a Downeast Basics navy blu and white skirt 40% off at Seagull Book.
Rad: Going to the temple for a quick hour of service.
Not rad: Having to wait 30 minutes to get my quick hour in.
Not rad: Leaving with oily hair!

Rad: Having time to read some of Heather Moore's new book Alma the Younger.
Not rad: Having to put the book down to do laundry.

Not rad: Sweetie Peach complaining about Patch teasing her.
Rad: Me getting Sweetie Peach to smile by telling her I was going to buy diapers for Patch to wear to punish him for teasing her. She thought that was hilarious.

Rad: Going to Zumba--Kathya had great music tonight subbing the class!
Not rad: Leaving with oily + sweaty hair!

Guess I had better go hit the shower!

Scripture of the Day: 1 Timotht 4:1-3


  1. I love when I score awesome deals. And I love Downeast Basics.

  2. That's 7 rads to only 6 not rads. Plus, in my book a clearance skirt might be worth 2 rads...


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