Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book Review: Divinely Designed

Rachael Renee Anderson is the author of Divinely Designed, a fun LDS YA romance that takes place when recent college graduate Kennedy Jackson moves to start a new job as an interior designer in Tempe, Arizona. The first chapter does a fabulous job of drawing the reader in and firmly establishing Kennedy's personality. From start to finish this was an enjoyable read with a charming plot, realistic relationship challenges, and some thought-provoking commentary on having faith in Heavenly Father's plan for each of us.

From the publisher's (Cedar Fort) website:

It all begins with calamity, faith, and a flat tire. When kennedy bumps into a handsome stranger on the highway, she starts the ride of her life on the road of divine design that will lead to her dreams if she only has the faith to follow it. This delightful tale by Rachael Anderson combines with and romance with the reality that change is difficult, but it can bring about some of life's greatest adventures. Divinely Designed is a sure antidote for gloom and a light-hearted reminder that even the darkest forks in the road can lead somewhere brilliant.

BTW, This month Rachael Renee Anderson has a second novel being released called Luck of the Draw. I will be looking forward to reading this one too!

Scripture of the Day: 2 thess. 2:2-3


  1. Rebecca, What a wonderful review! Thank you so much!

  2. Sounds like a book my daughter could use. :-) She just started teaching and is in panic mode because she isn't married. She is 22. She told me she is tired of this "trial". I told her being single isn't a trial, it is a phase. Anyway, having faith in Heavenly Father's plan is a struggle for her at the moment. I would find it more humorous if she weren't so distraught over it.

    Thanks for another book review.


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