Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thank you, Ben Franklin

Last night, just as I was finishing up dinner, the power went out. Living in a desert generally means weather disturbances are quite rare. But yesterday we had a little monsoon action and the power outage--at least to begin with--made it seem all the more exciting. We ate our dinner while watching the rain outside and feeling pretty excited.

After dinner, with still no power, but some light from the windows to enjoy, I had the children get their homework out. I lit a few candles to add some extra light and the homework was completed within short order. Come to think of it, faster than usual...

The children got out their umbrellas and danced in the rain. Patch even jumped off a brick half wall we have out in front around the porch, pretending to be Mary Poppins with an umbrella. The excitement of wet weather and the power outage was still very much alive.

Two hours after it started there was still no power and our house was starting to feel rather warm. My DH opened all the windows to enjoy some of the slightly cooler, but very swampy, air from outside. I worked on my laptop some (love that they have batteries!) and got a class syllabus 99% done. I wished the whole time that the ceiling fan could work.

Around 8:30 pm there was still no power, so we put the children to bed in the family room with doors and windows open. DH fell asleep in there as well. By 9:00 pm I went to my own bed and tried to sleep while sweat kept creeping down my neck and back.

I'm not sure if I ever quite fell fully asleep, but at 10:05 when the power came back on, I was startled enough to know I was not fully awake either. The air conditioner started cranking away so I walked around closing doors and windows and re-setting clocks.

Then I knelt down and thanked Heavenly Father for Benjamin Franklin.

And whoever it was who invented air conditioning.

Scripture of the Day: D&C 112:23


  1. We thankfully had power all night. No air conditioning is cruel in this desert! Hope you sleep better tonight. (Krinn)

  2. I think whomever invented air conditioning should get a pass to the Celestial Kingdom!!

    Our power did not go out last night, but I was worried it might. In fact we hurried and ate dinner in case it did. The wind was really blowing hard and the rain was pelting. I loved how much cooler it felt when I went outside.

  3. Here, here to Mr. Ben Franklin! Power outages are only fun for 1-2 hours, to help us remember that gratitude. After that, me no like-y!. Good luck on the syllabus :)


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