Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Few Fun Sites

I have been surfing around a bit today--I am trying to find a good idea for 2011 birthday gifts for Primary kids (the theme is about scriptures next year). I have not found a good gift idea yet, but I have found a few new interesting sites.

Check these out: - this site will help you design a reading plan. You can enter what you want to read and the time frame you want to finish it in--and then it will put together a schedule for you. It also has a scripture memorization help. - This is a fun new site that is growing. There are some LDS kid-friendly games to play (yay for a new Sunday afternoon activity), coloring pages, FHE lessons, and it even had a fun summer scripture reading challenge with a reward from Deseret Book. The best part about this site, though, is that it has an illustrated scripture reading tool for kids (with four different reading levels). It will even read it aloud to them if needed. - Another great site to help assist in getting your scripture study in each day. On this site you create an account and then tell it what you want to read and how much. The site will e-mail you that portion of the scriptures to read online each day. Once you have read it you click a button at the bottom of the e-mail to tell the site you have done so. Additionally, the site has a way for you to maintain a scripture journal.

And here is a fun pdf scripture reading chart - too bad it was for 2010, not 2011.


  1. Rebecca,

    Scriptures 4 Kids is my site. Your blog popped up in my email today because google emails me if "Scriptures 4 Kids" is mentioned. Anyway, I would LOVE to make something for a 2011 Birthday gift. I am sure many people are looking for ideas and it would benefit many. I am making a Year reading chart for a few primary presidents as well.

    Please contact me through my contact form on my site and you can describe exactly what you need and I will create it. We can work together on revisions and create something really cool. I think this would be a fun project.

    Thanks for writing about Scriptures 4 Kids!


  2. Rebecca, I just came back to check if my comment posted because I wasn't sure if had an error. It did post! Yea! But then I checked your profile looking for an email address and I realized you are in Arizona! I am in Arizona too. I hope to get to know you and meet you someday. I love your books. I'm still interested in doing the 2011 Birthday gift idea! And the reading chart that we are doing for 2011 is super cool! Please email me at



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