Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

(Where I wanted to go on Labor Day.)

Yesterday was so nice to have a day off! I really enjoyed not having to teach--or do the prep work for it. I had wanted to drive up to the Grand Canyon and ride bikes along the rim trail they have; however, my DH decided it was too far a drive to do in one day. So I felt like Labor Day was off to lousy start. He decided to take us all the Fish Creek Canyon instead. I have to admit I pouted--it just was not what I wanted to do. But I got over it and we went.

Until Kitty got car sick and threw up by Canyon Lake (all over in the van). And then again just past Canyon Lake. And then again by Tortilla Flats, where we stopped to clean things up.

(Where we ended up instead--Tortilla Flats.)

At that point we decided to nix the Fish Creek Canyon trip and turned around and went home. And Kitty threw up several more times, as well as Sweetie Peach.

So by late afternoon we were home again with not much to do. I decided to watch Young Victoria on Netflix (two thumbs up, by the way) and baked some pumpkin cookies. When the end had come and the evening was done and it was time to go to bed I decided it wasn't such a bad Labor Day after all.

Scripture of the Day: Ezekiel 16:61


  1. Bummer your girls were sick!
    You are one of the most positive people I know. I'm so glad we're friends.
    I'm really going to miss you when we move.

  2. My goodness, you are such a positive person! One throw up in the car would make it a bad day in my book. I loved The Young Victoria, too! Pumpkin cookies sound so good!

  3. Wow, throw upping kids. Now aren't you glad you didn't go to the Grand Canyon. :-)


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