Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Talk that Wasn't

Four weeks of preparation

Several hours of pulling notes together

Three conference talks quoted

Two and a half pages of notes


Only two minutes of sacrament meeting left in which to give my 15 minute talk.

So I didn't give it.

Instead I just shared a brief personal exprience, bore testimony, and sat down. I know I made the right decision, so why do I feel such a let down?

Scripture of the Day: D&C 109:72


  1. oh man, that's not good. They should have rescheduled you! I guess now you have a talk ready for the next time you're asked.

  2. That is my dream come true, unfortunately it has never happened to me. Sorry you feel so bad. It does stink that you prepared so well and didn't get to use it.

  3. That's so frustrating. File it away ~ someday you'll be asked to talk on the same topic. :)

  4. Aagh. I hate that. They should really cancel and reschedule the talk when that happens. I agree. Post it here. :)

  5. Sometimes that simple but heartfelt testimony was that was needed to touch someone's heart. Well done.

  6. Speakers who go over time --and take up other people's time--is one of my biggest pet peeves. I really think the bishops should send them a note and tell them to sit down. After all, what makes their talk more important than the next person's? And everyone in the congregation knows they are going over time and starts to feel uncomfortable.

    But I am sorry about that. However, you did make the right choice. Everyone will remember your short talk and appreciate you for it. My husband once had that happen to him and so he gave a two minute talk. Every body still tells him they think that was the best talk he ever gave (which he doesn't really find very flattering). I agree they should reschedule you, but if not, at least you should have learned from your preparation. :-)


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