Thursday, September 9, 2010

Writing Update

It's been a while since I have posted anything about what I am writing. Since I have several WIPs (works in progress) I will summarize each.

#1 WIP
This FHE book is completed and at the publisher; I am waiting to hear back if it is accepted. It is taking longer than I anticipated, which makes me wonder if the news will not be good. I tend to assume the worst so the let down isn't so bad.

#2 WIP
A book that be used as both an FHE aid or family scripture study aid. It is about 25% written, but I have a very clear sense of what needs to be done. The only thing holding me up here are the illustrations. I have decided to upgrade them (in comparison to my other books) by learning to use Illustrator, which requires I take a class... So this one will be a while.

#3 WIP
My first attempt at fiction. I currently have 7000 words written. It is a 1930s mystery/romance a la Emilie Loring, but based (loosely) on the lives of my husband's grandparents. I am enjoying the challenge of writing fiction, but find the mapping out process to be time consuming. I tend to think of multiple ways things could play out and then have a hard time deciding which I like best.

#4 WIP
A folder games book. I have made many folder games of my own design for my kids (which they have all outgrown now). This is actually just an idea that I know I want to put together, but first want to finish some of the above mentioned projects.


  1. I think waiting for acceptance (or rejection) must be one of the hardest things. Good luck to you on your projects!

  2. I have taken some Illustrator classes through Nicole's Classes (google it) & am signed up for more during the SLC Art Weekend next month. You should come with me! I'm planning to drive & the more people, the cheaper it is!

  3. You're amazing.
    My WIP is unpacking my bedroom. Sigh.

  4. Wow! It sounds like you are in high gear! It will be fun to see it all completed. And a romance a la Emily Loring . . . that made me laugh. I always make fun of those, but that is because my husband and his brother both LOVE them!! When Wes' mother passed away he raided her library and brought home about a hundred of them!!

    Good luck on all your projects!!

  5. Wow. And I thought I had a lot of WIPs. You're right up there with me, woman :)


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