Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy 17th Anniversary David!

As some of you might recall, I have been a fan of David Letterman's Top Ten lists over the years. I have eve occasionally posted some of them here on this blog. Well, I read earlier today that last night marked the 17th anniversary of the Top Ten lists! Congrats to the Late Night show. Following is the Top Ten list they featured to celebrate the occasion. I have no idea who Tom Herrman is, though!
10. Get to chat with memorable celebrities like whoever the heck (edited ;-) was on last night

9. No one listens to me anywhere else

8. CBS nurse not stingy with demerol

7. To date have helped bring over 1,500 fugitives to justice

6. It helped me meet Justin Bieber -- OMG!

5. At my age, marquee with my name on it helps me remember where I work

4. I get to work with the great Tom Herrmann (shot of Tom)

3. It still beats a Chinese traffic jam

2. I love wearing makeup

1. Conan tells me to just be thankful I have a show

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