Sunday, July 6, 2008

An Arnold Friberg Study Session

I just stumbled on a fun scripture study idea using the Arnold Friberg display at this website. Just a reminder, Friberg is the painter well known to the LDS community for his work Prayer at Valley Forge (see above picture) and his series of Book of Mormon paintings with muscular Nephites. The site has a "book" with Friberg's series of Book of Mormon paintings accompanied by the scriptural text for the story that each painting is drawn from. You could gather around the computer and read one of the scripture stories while looking at the painting. Since there are about 6 of them this would take care of nearly a week's worth scripture study sessions. Or you could go through the whole series of stories and paintings for a family home evening about the Book of Mormon. And while reading and looking at the paintings there is lovely hymn/Primary song piano music in the background.

Or, if you have a paperback copy of the Book of Mormon with Friberg's paintings in it, you can use this blog entry to learn how to teach what the basic plot of the Book of Mormon is by using the pictures. (Scroll down to the 6/16/08 entry.) This is a good basic introduction you can use for your children, as well as for missionary purposes.

You may also want to take the time when on this site to vote to get the current display of Friberg's works to come to your area. Right now the display is in Bountiful, Utah. But I would love to have it come here!

Scripture of the Day: D&C 38:22

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  1. I am researching arnold friberg and this page has really helped thanks


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