Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Irvine's Independence Day

The Irvines had a fun and busy Fourth of July! The kids and I got up early (Steve slept in) and went to a neighborhood pancake breakfast where the kids paraded up and down the street on their bikes and scooters that they had decorated for the special day. I took a picture of each of my cuties before we headed off to the fun:
They loved decorating their scooters/bike so much! In fact, Kitty drew up her plan the Monday before the Fourth and then revamped it several times during the week in anticipation of being able to put it all together. I love seeing her creativity!

Above is a picture of Kitty and two of her friends in line for pancakes after the parade. Even though it was early in the morning, it was still quite warm. Sweetie Peach got very flushed after riding her bike up and down the street four times. But after I sat her down in the shade and got some cold water into her she was fine. It was nice to be able to visit with friends and neighbors to help celebrate the day.
After the parade and pancake fun we headed home and went swimming in the new pool in our backyard. My husband would be appalled that I am posting this picture, so please don't mention it to him!

Afterward got ready to go to the movies. Who can survive the Fourth of July without going to the movies?!? We went and saw Kit Kittredge: An American Girl {an appropriate title for the day, right?}. It was a really cute movie and even educational in an historical kinda way. The kids had lots of questions about hobos vs. homeless people after it was over, so the conversation on the way home was definitely on the serious side. Still, there were lots of funny parts to the movie and we give it a thumbs up.

After having steak for dinner and rootbeer floats for dessert {YUM!}, we climbed up on our roof to watch the fireworks. I have to admit the view did not turn out all that great, but we were able to see some and the weather was quite cool up there considering how hot the day had been. After the show we could see seemed to end we got down and watched a few more fireworks on the television. But by then it was nearly 10 pm and it was definitely time for bed.
I hope you all had a wonderful, family filled Fourth of July! God bless America!

Scripture of the Day: Alma 61:15

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