Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Love Truman Madsen

Yes, I do! I have to admit I just love his work and his wonderful insights. During this convalescent time I have been re-listening to his audio series "Jesus of Nazareth" and was reminded of his commentary on the parable of the mustard seed. I transcribed it for you to enjoy as well.

"Still in or near Jerusalem there are trees growing, most prominently olive trees, but there are also mustard trees. One can take the pod of a mustard tree and press it before his fingers into his palm, and when he has done so the seeds will be in the middle of the palm. And their size is about the same as if he had taken a pepper shaker and now had pepper in his hand. They are tiny diminutive seeds-- not the smallest, but among the smallest in the world. What does one do with seeds? He plants them. Jesus said, “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed ye can say unto yonder mountain, ‘Remove,’ and it will remove.” As a child I thought the lesson is that if you have just that little itsy bitsy faith you can move mountains. That is not the message. The message is that if you have growing faith it will have such power--growing, dynamic, increasing faith. And in this instance the tiny mustard seed, if it is planted in good soil by a pure stream will grow to a tree. Not simply a flower or a bush, but a tree large enough that the birds can come build their nests and dwell or abide. What is the meaning of the birds and the nests? We have a glimpse from modern revelation. He was really saying that the living tree (that is the person) that is to bring forth precious fruit can, once it grows to its full measure, have communion with the angels. He was saying that it is the privilege of the Saints to have communion with the “general assembly” (so called, Paul’s phrase) and with the Church of the First Born. It is saying that we live in the presence of heavenly beings. That’s the deeper meaning of the elementary parable of the mustard seed. Is there more? I can bear witness there is always more."

Scripture of the Day: Genesis 2:16

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  1. I love watching this man talk, his voice, his mannerisms and the amazing spirit by which he speaks. It makes me want to sit at this feet for hours on end.Thanks for sharing.

    I do hope your feeling better.


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