Thursday, July 3, 2008

Year of Miracles #11

This week's miracle is certainly not one to razzle-dazzle you. I was hoping it might be since it is the fourth of July and razzle-dazzle is kind of the theme for the day. Instead it is kind of a string of coincidences, more like a sparkler than firecracker kind of miracle. Or maybe one of those worm glow thingies. But here we go anyway...

I had been trying to think of an inexpensive treat idea for my three visiting teaching ladies. It is way too hot to bake here, so I was trying hard to rule out anything involving the oven. But it was looking like cupcakes until I stopped by Michael's to get bike decorating supplies for a neighborhood parade. While perusing in the dollar section {totally my favorite section there} I noticed that they had these cute round tins in a great shade of blue. I bought three thinking I could maybe put some candy in them. After Michael's we headed to my good friend Heather's house for a swim. I showed her my find and she said she just happened to have some cute red and white star mints that I was welcome to have {thanks so much Heather!}. Later I typed up some red stars with one of my new favorite freedom scriptures and taped it to the top of each tin. After dinner I decided to go deliver the tins. I walked outside just in time to deliver one to one of my VT ladies who was driving by at the time. I was really glad to catch her as she is normally very busy {works two jobs and has an active social life} and was leaving for the evening. I caught another one of my sisters at home too and had a nice, quick chat with her.

And there it is... Bang! Pop! Sparkle! {smell of acrid smoke}

Happy Independence Day!

Scripture of the Day: Alma 48:11

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