Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pioneer Day Scriptures and Fun

Patch, Kitty, and Sweetie Peach pretend to be pioneers in a covered wagon (2006).

We have started making plans to celebrate Pioneer Day on July 24th this year. Steve wants to hold a big neighborhood water fight with his giant sling shots (to be held on the 21st, actually; anyone is invited!). On Pioneer Day itself we will tell the stories of our own pioneer ancestors, play pioneer games, and have a semi-authentic pioneer dinner. I really wish there were more Days of '47 celebrations around here... but we will make do on our own.

Here are some scriptures I plan to use for our daily scripture study that day. Did you know the word pioneer only occurs once in the scriptures? These verses are mostly about the establishment of Zion and enduring through trials (as the pioneers had to do crossing the plains).

Jeremiah 40:11
Isaiah 2:2-3
2 Cor. 1:6
James 5:11
1 Ne. 13:37
2 Ne. 31:20
D&C 64:33-34
D&C 64:41-42
D&C 103:13
D&C 136:7

And here are a few great websites that give all sorts of resources for pioneer-related activities.
Pratt's Pioneer Resources
Celebrate Pioneer Day


  1. Thanks, Becky! I'm inspired to do something, though it may not be as fun as a water balloon fight headed up by your husband. He's quite the FUN DAD!

  2. AWESOME! I was looking for some fun stuff to do here in Mexico on the 24th. This will be great. Although I do feel bad about missing the water balloon fight.

  3. Hey Becky. Thanks for this post. Although I grew up LDS ...I was in a tiny little branch in Upstate NY,I had no idea what Pioneer Day was until my thirties . Now,I am trying to share this tradition with my children and any of these ideas are much appreciated.


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