Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Book Review: Pickup Games

I won a copy of Marcia Mickelson's novel Pickup Games several months ago and meant to write a review. But somehow it fell off of my to-do list. In fact, I realized I have not done any book reviews for over a month. Sorry for being such a slacker! But now I am back on the job and Pickup Games is definitely worth mentioning.

From the back of the book:

Since the murder of his fiancee, the only security in Mick Webber's life is sports. His excitement for living builds when he lands a promising job on a college basketball show--until he learns he has a female co-host.

Cara Jones has her own package of problems from a failed relationship and little patience for the male egos in the arena. Right from the start, careers collide.

Pickup Games will have you on the edge of your seat, jumping up to cheer and yelling at the refs when life isn't fair.

Pickup Games has a very fun storyline, especially if you like basketball. There is a nice balance of romance, humor, and even a bit of mystery. Cara's character depicts a strong, yet feminine, woman succeeding in a traditionally male profession. This is somewhat unique, particularly in LDS literature. I find her very likable and well written. Mick's character is charming and fun; he has interesting past experiences that motivate his behaviors. I was not quite sure a real person would be able to work through some of his problems as quickly as Mick was able to do in the book--but that fantasy is often why we read.

Marcia Mickelson is also the author of Reasonable Doubt and Star Shining Brightly.

Scripture of the day: James 3:13


  1. Sounds like a fun book. We have a lot of basketball fans in our house--and we all love a good romance. :-)

  2. I read this book and thought it was pretty good. It was one I found from typing "Mormon" into the search criteria for the library. It was a quick read.


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