Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Day of School? Already?

Tomorrow is the last day of school and I feel unprepared {read: stressed}. I know it has been coming, and I have tried to wrap my brain around it, but it just won't fit. I just do not feel ready for such a big schedule change again. I just am getting into a groove with the whole work schedule change, and now this. I will have to pray for extra flexibility. Why is it so hard for me to be flexible?

It is only 12 weeks. I know I can do this. My kids are so excited for summer to be here--to be free of classes and homework! And although I wish I could take a three month sabbatical to stay home with them, somehow it will all work out.

Heavenly Father knows what he is doing.

{Even if I don't.}

Scripture of the Day: Mosiah 3:19


  1. I always look so forward to summer vacation and then when we get there, I wonder why. It is a very hard transition and one doesn't really adjust until it's time to go back to school again. Hugs!

  2. I have always loved summer and get a bit depressed when it is time to go back to school again and all my kids are gone during the day. However--that said, this will be the first summer I have had in 10 years where I did not spend my entire time busy preparing for my seminary class and/or training teachers for the next year. I have always felt bad that I never had the time to enjoy the days more. So--I know how you will worry about having the kids home and still keep up with your other responsibilities. But somehow everyone survives.

    Best of luck with everything.

  3. My kids as well were so excited that they don't have to make a lunch any more. Can you belive that's what they are excited about?

  4. I miss summer vacation with the kids out of school. Even though I still went to work everyday, I knew they would have some new and exciting thing to tell me about their day when I got home. When they were older and I worked from home, it was even better cuz they were in and out all day and I felt really a part of their lives. I would start work earlier in the day so I could quit sooner and we could do stuff. "Preserve your memories, they're all that's left you."


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