Friday, May 28, 2010

Thoughts on the Last Day of School

Yesterday was the last day of school. Patch and Kitty were up extra early with the anticipation. And of course there was little to do to get ready to leave. We are done with piano practicing until the fall. No homework to do. No tests to study for. So instead they watched a little television, teased each other a lot, and planned what they were going to do in all their free time this summer.

Soon after school started I went and enjoyed some time with Sweetie Peach at her water party. It was fun to see her tossing water balloons, get soaking wet on the slip-n-slide, and interact with all her class friends. I was glad I went and took a few photos of her before heading home to do some of my research work. I tried to really enjoy the quietness at home... I may not get much of that over the upcoming months.

Soon enough the school day ended and the kids came trudging home from school, excited to be done and full of things to tell me about the day. And they brought home with them so much junk! Back packs and grocery sacks full of papers, broken crayons, dirty pencil boxes, and worn out erasers. I spent an hour sorting through all of the papers, choosing those I would save and tossing the rest. I keep a file box for each child and each school year has a file. It was nice to have it all filed away and cleared off the dining room table. It was also time to throw away their very worn out back packs (we had used them for two years). I was tempted to throw away their lunch boxes, but decided to hold onto them another year.

I am proud of the kids for the good year they have had in school. They are all good students, but are especially well known for being well behaved. All three were recognized this past year for being good citizens. Some things I hope to remember about this year include:

- Patch was inducted into NJHS, bringing home projects from his shop class, and working with him to get his Civil War report done.

- Kitty started violin in the school orchestra, had a lot of fun with student council by volunteering in the student store and helping with other projects, and always surpassing her AR reading goals.

- Sweetie Peach was my turkey trot partner at the school last fall, we had fun attending her penguin unit evening, and as her class mom ("the party mom") I organized and attended all of her fun parties.

Time for some summer fun and a change of pace!

Scripture of the Day: D&C 5:16


  1. We ended up with a bag of broken crayons, a few pencils that did not look to appealing any more and tons of papers.

    Glad it was a good year for your family! Have a super summer.

  2. Sounds like it was a very successful year! I was always the "party mom" too!:-)

  3. I hope they have a great Summer...have fun!

  4. Don't throw out those lunch boxes even after you quit using them. My "Get Smart" lunch box from 5th Grade is worth a mint and it was given away years ago to the Goodwill! Depending on what they're made out of, they make good first aid kits or containers for other stuff for the car or whatever. Have a great summer!

  5. We don't get the end of school for another three weeks. You're right about the no quiet so I better take advantage!

    I always wonder why teachers send home broken crayons and worn out erasers. Just throw them away.

    Enjoy your summer!


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