Monday, May 17, 2010

High Tech FHE

Yesterday my family learned how to use Skype. In the morning, before church, we Skyped (I think a new verb has now been added to the English language) with my SIL and her children. They live in San Francisco and we rarely see them. It was fun to watch my niece and nephew showing us their toys and and making rabbit ears on each other.

Then, yesterday evening we used Skype to hold a Family Home Evening with my brother's family in Denver. We started with a song and a prayer, just like normal, and then my SIL taught a simple lesson about fathers. We even played a fun game with each other. Again, the kids really enjoyed seeing their cousins and it was nice to have someone else teach the lesson. We thought it went really well and have decided to try doing a joint Skype FHE once a month.

Yes, we are getting SO high tech around here now.

Scripture of the Day: D&C 50:11-14


  1. Excellent. What a great way to not only communicate with your loved ones but to also teach both family's at once. Great idea.

  2. We enjoyed using Skype to catch up with a nephew (also in Denver) before he left on his mission since we couldn't afford to fly out there and see him. We really enjoyed it--however, it did cause us problems with our computer and we had to remove it. I hope that it will work well and uneventfully for you!

  3. I've been doing this for years, I am always trying to come up with new ways to make FHESkype work better, please feel free to email me sometime with ideas I think I am going to start a blog/webpage about how to do this and FHE lesson plans for skype as it is becoming a bigger and bigger trend to keep in touch. I would love your input!!!

  4. We have been using Google Plus for FHE... it may not have been around when this blog post was created :). The great thing about the Google+ is that you can include many different accounts. Tonight we will have a son in North Carolina, one in San Francisco, a daughter in Montana and hopefully our son in the military join us here in Idaho. Skype is limited to between two computers. Google+ also lets you share what is on your computer screens, and also watch YouTube videos together. You get to it through a gmail account.


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