Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DIY #5

I have wanted to get a nice picture of the temple up in our family room for quite some time. I have little pictures elsewhere in the house, but a good size picture I had postponed buying for a two reasons:

1. I wanted something a little different than the standard photo or the current trend of purposefully aged pictures (although they are beautiful).

2. Large prints or pictures were a bit more costly than I wanted to pay.

But last week I was reading this blog and found a beautiful artistic rendition of the Mesa temple for sale. The picture was painted by Thomas Manning and is called Mesa AZ Temple by Moonlight. I love the blue sky (blue is my fave color) and the artist's style. And since the price was very affordable I ordered one. It came first thing this week so I found a frame yesterday and hung it up today. Even better is that the proceeds for buying the print go to help the artist's mother with her health condition.

Here is a better view of the picture:

I also have a wall plaque to make to go underneath it that reads "Temple: I am going there someday" (which has been on my laundry room counter unfinished for about two years). I think I will match the blue in the picture as the background for the plaque. What do you think?

Total project cost: $40
Total project time: maybe an hour

Scripture of the Day: Romans 1:16


  1. It looks amazing. So much better than what I could have done for you if I had ever gotten over there to take a picture. :)
    Glad that you found something that you like.

  2. Love a unique picture of our temple! It's beautiful and I'm sure adds to the beauty of your home. Blue plaque sounds just perfect!


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