Saturday, August 1, 2009

Police Beat #49

Hope your weekend is going great!

July 18: There was a dispute over a call a referee made during a soccer game. The argument became heated and the police had to make peace and escort the arguers off the field.

(Comment: Mormon sportsmanship at its finest!)

July 25: A female driving a Toyota Scion hit a motorcyclist while making a left-hand turn. The motorcyclist’s foot was hurt. The female was cited for failure to yield the right of way.

(Comment: So why do they mention the gender of the Toyota Scion driver, but not the motorcyclist? I'm guessing the author of this week's Police Beat is male. And he has a thing about female drivers, blondes, and feminism.)

July 20: A resident at Wymount Terrace called and reported that carpet layers did not clean up after themselves and worked late into the evening on his apartment. Police referred him to Housing Administration because no crime was committed.

(Comment: Maybe I should have called the police when my carpet layers charged me $50 for furniture manipulation when they moved my couch 5 five feet. That, at least, would be considered criminal.)

July 20: A tenant at Tingey Hall reported an elderly woman walking around the building. No one was found when police arrived.

(Comment: I guess only young, good-looking females are allowed to be walking around Tingey Hall.)

July 22: A report was made of someone driving on the grass at Helaman Halls. A description of the truck was given and an officer was dispatched. The officer stopped the truck and the driver said he did not remember if he drove on the grass. The driver then told the officer he could not lie and that he was guilty of driving on the grass. The driver was given a warning.

(Comment: All those Primary lessons on Choosing the Right finally paid off!)

Scripture of the Day: Matt. 5:14-16

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  1. Reading your Police Beat is always fun. I got a laugh out of the grass driving confessor.


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