Sunday, August 16, 2009

Miscellaneous Stuff

It has been a busy weekend--a busy week in fact. So here are a few of the details to catch you up.

- Yesterday the girls and I met up with the Irvine women (minus the California contingency) for lunch at Paradise Bakery. It was very fun to see all of them, especially Melissa who recently moved back to AZ with her DH after finishing up at BYU-Idaho.

- After lunch we hit JCPenney to exchange some jeans for Kitty; I ended up buying myself a skirt, too. I loved wearing it today.

- Then I went to a stake baptism--or at least tried to go to it. Turns out it is next weekend. I am chronically early! Just ask this friend.

- Found a picture of the SLC temple Holy of Holies to draw for my book--click here if you are interested in seeing what it looks like. Somehow James E. Talmage took a picture of it. Must have been before cameras were not allowed.

- I watched the movie Scarlet on YouTube last night. LONG movie. Not too sure about Timothy Dalton as Clark Gable's replacement. But then, no one could really replace Clark Gable. Later I found myself thinking of this Carol Burnet sketch and started laughing to myself.

- Today at church my fave seminary teacher spoke again (high council visit)--it was excellent! And then afterwards when I spoke to him in the hallway he told me how much he liked my book. It was probably the best compliment I have had all year.

- After church we came home to eat and I found I had failed to turn the crock pot on and the roast was still raw. That was a first. I guess I was rushing too much before church. What is odd is that my mom plugged in her crock pot today as well and went to church, but the circuit breaker had been tripped without her knowing, so she came home to a raw roast as well. Like mother like daughter?

- And finally, for this week's Member Missionary Moment I donated money to the missionary fund (section 2, #15). We also had a ward pool party we tried to invite friends to, but it did not work out this time. So the donation worked out instead.

Here is what LDS Philanthropies says about the full-time missionary fund: "There are more than 15,000 young men and women from international areas outside the United States who, at great personal sacrifice, are serving full-time missions in their own lands and in the U.S. Many of these missionaries come from homes where the total family income is less than $1,000 annually. Serving missions, therefore, puts a severe—if not impossible—strain on family finances. Along with family support, the Church expects their local wards and branches to pay what they can. If the family and local support is not sufficient, arrangements can be made for the General Missionary Fund to take care of the remaining expenses associated with missionary service."

Good night!

Scripture of the Day: John 17:3


  1. So you got Brother Calton again!? How lucky is that. We always seem to get the same speakers as well, only . . . well, it is hard to be better than Brother Calton! :-) And how cool he complimented you on your book.

    And for my missinary moment . . . I had a non-member girl show up this morning for seminary. Now I have two of them in my class! But this one came on her own, didn't know anyone and asked for a Book of Mormon. I love it when the missionary opportunties come straight to you! :-)

  2. Lori--that is so cool she came to your class! Those are the best missionary moments.

  3. I L.O.V.E. your skirt also!!!

  4. Becky sounds like a great weekend, other then no roast for Sunday dinner and going to the baptism the wrong week. :0) But they make fun stories anyway.

  5. I have always wondered what the Holy of Holies looks like--thanks!!!


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