Saturday, August 15, 2009

Police Beat #50

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July 26: A 64-year-old officer on bike noticed another bicyclist riding aggressively and followed him to ask him to slow down. When the male on the bike noticed the officer following him, he began to flee and ran a stop sign. The officer followed him until the 20-year-old male on the bike was contained. He was arrested and given a citation.

(Comment: And that, my friend, is how the Tour de Provo was started.)

July 30: There was a complaint made of a green pickup parked east of the Ellsworth center that contained two dead horses and three dead deer in the trailer. Officers asked the owner to park the truck somewhere else.

(Comment: Park it like in Montana! Yuck!)

July 29: Three tenants at Wyview Park complained of headaches and were worried there may be a hazardous condition in their apartment. The apartment was checked and nothing dangerous was found.

(Comment: Did they check the refrigerator? Moldy food in there could have done the trick.)

July 30: Two people were found trespassing at LaVell Edwards Stadium at 1 a.m. for a marriage proposal. The couple was not aware that they weren’t allowed in the stadium. The officer simply asked them to leave.

(Comment: Did you know approximately 1.75% of BYU alumni were proposed to at LaVell Edwards Stadium? Half in the middle of the night. Maybe BYU guys need to get a little more creative, not to mention romantic {really? the football stadium?}.)

July 29: A man driving a Toyota Avalon followed a BYU dump truck from point of the mountain to the material handlings site located on 2230 North. The man driving the Avalon felt the dump truck was driving too fast and was being a poor representation of the university. The man driving the dump truck said he was driving between 65–70 mph on the highway. An officer mediated the situation.

(Comment: I guess Toyota Avalon guy didn't see the bumper sticker reading "How's My Driving? Call 1-801-555-5555".)

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  1. I am curious as to what could have happened that resulted in two dead horses along with the three dead deer! And why were they parked along side the road?


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