Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stinky Boys

I just got back from carpooling Patch and four other junior high kids home from school. There were three boys and two girls in the car (excluding me), and those sweaty boys were sure stinky! I turned the air conditioner up full tilt (at 105 degrees out today it was not practical to roll down the windows) and aimed it right at my face to drive the smell away.

Sheri Dew once said in a speech she gave that {I am paraphrasing now} if were up to the world's standards, 12-year-old boys would never be given the priesthood because they are still in that "stinky" age. She was so right! Patch turns 12 in less than two months, and the other two boys in the car are already 12. All three are stinky!

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Scripture of the Day: 2 Thess. 2:1-3


  1. LOL! I use the same trick with the AC. Change is 'a brewin'.

  2. I have done that same thing!! Only for me it was when I picked girls up after track practice!! Yikes!!


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