Tuesday, August 11, 2009

White Space

Here is an interesting tip I got from a former seminary teacher of mine: Increase the white space around your scriptures by photocopying the Book of Mormon onto 8.5" x 11" paper and then keep it together in a binder. I know photocopying the whole book sounds like a time consuming project--it is. But I have found it to be very worth the effort. The extra note-taking space somehow gets me to jot down more thoughts and ideas. I also write down questions I have about the verses I read, and then search for the answers. My overall pondering and searching increased when I have the extra margin space to use.

Too bad Deseret Book or some other publisher doesn't put out a version with more margin/note-taking space...

Scripture of the Day: John 7:17


  1. That would be great. I write so much in my scriptures that after a couple years I have to get new ones so I can see the print. Although I just got a new set now and I am using sticky notes to write things on and then I can throw them away later if I want and write new ones. I think copying the book for the extra space sounds easier.


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