Monday, March 24, 2008

10 Things I Have to Do Today

This past weekend was like a marathon of activities--and now I need to catch up on the home front. Here is my Have To Do list for the day:

1. Fold laundry (6 loads piled on the couch)
2. Put away plastic Easter eggs (scattered all over the house)
3. Go to Phoenix for work photo shoot
4. Run carpool
5. Enter data into CUSD report
6. Exercise
7. Prepare FHE lesson
8. Weed/water garden
9. Help Kitty prepare FHE treat
10. As many other cleaning chores as I can get to

I guess I had better pray for some help and then get busy! Which leads me to the Scripture of the Day: D&C 19:38 -- pray for that Heavenly Treasure!

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