Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter Morning Scripture Study

Easter Sunday is next week, so I thought I would post this fun and memorable scripture study idea now since it requires a bit of preparation.

Place the following items and scriptures in 7 plastic Easter eggs:
Egg 1: leaf or flower (Matt. 25:36-39)
Egg 2: thorn (Mark 15:16-19)
Egg 3: nail (John 19:16-18)
Egg 4: small piece of white cloth (Luke 23:50-53)
Egg 5: clove spice (Luke 23:55-56)
Egg 6: stone (Matt. 27:60)
Egg 7: place only the scripture Luke 24:1-6 (ending at the word "risen")

On Easter morning gather your children around and open each egg in order, reading the scriptures and explaining the Easter story. Let the children take turns holding, feeling, and smelling the items in the eggs. For egg 7, explain that the egg is empty because the tomb was empty; Jesus had been resurrected. End by reading John 20:31 out loud and sharing your testimony of the Savior and the resurrection.

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