Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Pics

Yesterday we went to a friend's house and had the kids pictures taken for Easter. Here is one of the shots taken--so cute! Click here if you would like to see more of my friend's work. She did all of these in her garage with a backdrop she put together herself. She is amazing!

This morning is the Easter egg hunt and then egg coloring this afternoon. And then tomorrow we have Easter baskets, more egg hunting, and Easter dinner with all of the family (both sides of the family). Should be a very busy weekend!

Scripture of the Day: Heb. 11:26. Despite all fun the Easter activities, don't forget to focus on the real "treasure" Easter celebrates!

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  1. Becky...I had no idea you had this blog! I am so excited to read all your ideas!
    And I am glad that you are pleased with the sneak-peek. Your kids are adorable, and I loved photographing them!!
    Happy Easter!!


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