Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blog Block

Yep, I have blog block today. I am not sure what to write about, so here are a few things that are swimming around in my head.

I am nearly done with my Christmas shopping. I need to pick up a few things for my husband, but he doesn't want me to get him anything. He's like that about his birthday and Father's Day too. But how am I supposed to get the kids to keep believing in Santa if everyone gets something from Santa except him? Just doesn't work in my mind. He told the kids to just draw him pictures (again same as his b-day/father's day). Mostly I just ignore his request and pick him up a few inexpensive things I would have had to buy him anyway. Is that bad? I don't think so.

I also need to pull out all the gifts I have picked up for the kids and see if I have to do some balancing-out shopping. It is hard to remember everything I have bought. I forget too easily. Sometimes I try wrapping things ahead of time and then forget what it is I have wrapped. Then I have to peek at it by using a razor blade to cut the tape (a trick I learned as a naughty kid). Does this ever happen to you? The forgetting part I mean, not the razor blade/peeking part.

I used to love watching Dr. Phil, but it has gone way too serious now and the people he has on there seem beyond hope to me. Or at least beyond the help that a 15-minute television segment can provide. And if I do watch I take a risk of having Sweetie Peach see something I would just rather not expose her to at the tender age of 5.

Two weeks ago I put the lights up on the front of my house and got 2/3 of the way done when I realized the remaining strands would not plug into the last strand hung. The "male" part (that's what the guy at the hardware store called it, so don't give me that look) of the next strand would not fit into the "female" part of the last strand hung because one of the prongs was too wide. And they do not make an adapter for this problem. Now Christmas is a week away and I still haven't finished. The neighbor made a comment about it, but I am severely lacking motivation to put up the other strands. Kind of like how it took me so long to finish decorating my Christmas tree (which I did get done, by the way--a week after it was started--but done nonetheless).

Yesterday I was exhausted from staying up way too late working on a report. So I spent the day taking it easy and read Austenland. I will have to do a review on it soon. Need a summary review now? Pretty darn good.

Then last night I watched the finale of The Biggest Loser. I was very happy to see Michelle win. I was not a fan of Vicky or Heba/Ed. Still, all three of the finalists looked amazing.

Today I weighed in at WW and was up a bit. Not surprising considering the lack of sleep and exercise I had had for the past several days. I was good about not eating any of the delicious looking treats that were delivered to out home, though. Except for the chocolate mint pretzels Mimi Right dropped by--I admit to having some of those (they were very worth it, too). But I did not eat any of the chocolate peanut butter cookies delivered last night. And then this morning a box with a lemon cake, Mexican wedding cookies, and chocolate muffin looking item were delivered via UPS from a gourmet company in California. It turned out to be a gift from a man I do some consulting for. If anyone who lives near me would like any of these gourmet goodies let me know (seriously!). I would much appreciate getting them gone before my ability to resist is completely gone.

Well, I guess that is enough of what my brain is thinking about these days. I promise to come up with a better post for tomorrow.

Scripture of the Day: Luke 2:19


  1. Boy, I sure wished I lived close! I would take it all. And eat it all. (Maybe I'm glad I don't live close.) Just want you to know that I might be willing to take that on for you. I hear you about house lights--my kids are bugging me about putting them on the house but it keeps raining and I'm a wimp. My tree finally got decorated but it is still leaning . . .My husband rarely wants gifts either but this year he really wanted a WII fit and actually picked it up himself. Score!!

  2. I love when people do the misc. thought posts. It is fun to see what other people think about. As it turns out, you and I think about a lot of the same things...

    * I shop all throughout the year and I always start an spreadsheet to keep track of what I've bought so I don't forget. It would work very well if I didn't also forget to update the list. I have wanted to do my "make sure it's all even" check this week, but my kids have all been sick and someone has stayed home from school every day!

    * I'm not a huge Dr. Phil fan, but I've noticed lately that he is becoming more and more Jerry Springerish.

    * Yay! I have Austenland on my nightstand in my stack of "to read over Christmas break" books.

    * I was also happy Michelle won, although I only started watching it about 5 weeks ago. I watched last night while eating pie and ice cream. Surely this is not good.

    * I'm thinking about doing WW online. Any thoughts?

  3. You might have a blog block but you have got lots of stuff churning in there.
    I love todays post....lots to think about. And I love the razor trick for peeking myself. DOn't tell anyone but I still peek. Bad huh?

  4. I love your random thoughts. Mine are not as organized. I get needed stuff for my husband as well, and I always try to get him something fun he would really like.

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