Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hymnal Scripture Study

You may have noticed at the bottom of each song in the hymn book are a few scriptures the go along with the text of the hymn. If you are looking for a new way to brighten up your scripture study time, try working your way through the hymn book one song at a time. First, sing the hymn. Then look up each of the scriptures and ponder/discuss the doctrine associated with each one. You could do this with just the Christmas hymns next week if you do not want to make this a permanent change but want to focus in on the Savior in your family study time.

In other news:
1. We have had lots of beautiful rain here and it really makes it feel more like winter! Yay!
2. I had a fire in the fireplace yesterday early evening and I was the only one home. It felt a bit indulgent and I loved it.
3. I think I am almost (so very close) done with the shopping. Need to buy a box of cereal for Patch--yes, I give a food item to each of my kids. A fab cheap gift idea.
4. The gourmet lemon cake has left the building. I am both sad and happy.
5. Had my eyebrows waxed yesterday.

Scripture of the Day: Isaiah 9:6


  1. I had my eyebrows waxed once. It looked like I had no eyebrows afterwards. They were so blond. I had a perpetual surprised look. I had to dye the remaining eyebrows. Yep, dye my eyebrows. I will never have them waxed again. The rain has been wonderful. It sure feels like Christmas.

  2. I love that idea! Do I have to sing the hymn, though? Might chase the spirit away . .

  3. Great idea, well shall have to try it. Thanks.


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