Thursday, December 4, 2008

Police Beat #18

I have been swamped with work this week--and definitely need a laugh. My favorite this week? The woman whose car was "stolen" (see second one below). That has happened to me before... especially when I was pregnant. Enjoy!

Nov. 17: Police responded to a call reporting suspicious individuals with red paint. It was subsequently determined that these individuals were paint contractors who were painting a fence on campus.

Nov. 19: Police responded to a stolen vehicle report. The complainant indicated she thought she had parked in a particular parking lot but was unable to locate her vehicle. An officer drove her to another parking lot, where they then discovered her vehicle.

Nov. 19: A student reported a suspicious individual who was shaking bicycles at Merrill Hall. She then observed the suspect as he removed a bicycle and rode away. Officers responded and arrested the suspect for theft.

Nov. 20: Police responded to Amanda Knight Hall in regards to possible suspicious activity. A student was in a room making copies and when the custodian checked the area they were unable to locate the individual. The student was shortly discovered in another room.

Nov. 21: Concerned observers reported smoke near the Marriott Center during the basketball game. The smoke was rising from a barbeque setup by a local vender who had permission to be there. No further action was necessary.

Nov. 21: A minor fire occurred in the dumpster behind the Ceramic Studios. The fire was determined to be an accident.

Scripture of the Day: Luke 2:8


  1. One time my grandma was sure she parked in a certain place. We got in the car and her key didn't work because . . . it wasn't her car. Yep, embarrassing.

  2. These always crack me up! And, hey, you did it on Thursday instead of Friday? I wonder why? she innocently asked . . .


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