Monday, December 8, 2008

BOM Study Guide for Tweens

In my web searches I discovered a study guide written by a mom (Heather Martinson) for her son. The intro to the study guide says:

"When my oldest son was nine, he had a desire to read the Book of Mormon on his own, but he found that the book was too difficult for him to understand or to make meaningful. For two years I kept my eyes open for a Book of Mormon study guide for children, but I was unable to find one. Then, when he was eleven years old, I started writing this for him. I would give him one day’s worth of study at a time. He used this study guide until he started seminary."

You can use this study guide from the web or you can download a Word document. Both are available here.

The above cute picture is from Sugardoodle that serves as a chart to measure reading in the Book of Mormon. Download that from here.

Scripture of the Day: Luke 2:12


  1. What a great idea! I think this would be good for the Big Guy--I'll have to check it out later, rushing out the door . .

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. What a wonderful resource!

    We'll be using it in our homeschool studies! :-)

  3. One of my readers over at Modern Molly Mormon directed me here and I'm so glad he did! Your blog is fantastic!

  4. Thank you for dropping by my Blog yesterday. Parenting certainly isn't always easy but it is definitely a blessing to have a good example to follow!

    I look forward to looking around your blog, I don't think I've ever stumbled across it before!

  5. "I have read the book of Mormon"...but...WHY??? O_o


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