Friday, December 12, 2008

Police Beat #19

Happy Friday! I couldn't refrain from making comments today. Hopefully they do not detract from the laughs.

Nov. 25: A student reported a theft that had happened three weeks ago. The student said he went into the bathroom, and when he came out his backpack was gone. The backpack contained a packed lunchbox, a fork and a bus pass.

(Comment: he must be really worried about that fork.)

Nov. 26: A concerned person reported seeing a man driving with unrestrained children in the back seat. Police called the number registered to the car and spoke with the man, who said he buckled his children in but they had removed themselves from the car seat. The man said he would comply with the law in the future.

(Comment: This guy sounds like a bad parent until you read the next one...)

Nov. 27: A Bookstore employee found a three-year-old wandering around the Bookstore alone. After employees could not locate the parents, police took the child into custody. The child's father called roughly two hours after the child went missing. The father said that he and his wife had left in separate cars, and each believed the other had the child.

Nov. 28: Police received a complaint about a man with a rope on the east side of the library attempting to lasso people as they walked by. The man was gone when police arrived.

(Comment: {said with a Texas drawl} He musta caught hisself a Woman!)

Nov. 30: A student employee's mother called BYU police after her son had not returned home from work when she expected. Police checked on the student's workplace where they found the student was still working.

(Comment: Time to cut the apron strings!)

Scripture of the Day: Luke 2:15


  1. Good stuff this week. Love the comments!

  2. I think you should do the comments every week!

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  4. You have to leave comments from now on. You made it even funnier. These are great!


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