Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lousy Saturday

So I have been sitting at this computer most of the day writing a report. A long one. LONG. I was here yesterday too. And the day before that. I think. I am losing track of the days. It is Saturday, isn't it?

This report is not completely boring. Just kinda. It is about pave stone manufacturers. One in particular, which I should probably not divulge. But it is interesting to learn that a pave stone project (like a patio or driveway) can cost upwards of $10,000. Yikes! That's way more than I would have guessed. And that would be a basic project. Not even one of those ones with a nice sitting wall or multi-leveled. And no nice fire pit. Those are all optional extras over and above.

It is hard not to feel poor or covetous when hearing about all that. Who is it who can really afford those kind of things on their home? Don't they have retirement to save for? Or college educations for a kid or two? Do they have the money because they don't pay for health insurance? Sometimes I just don't get it.

Then a few hours ago I went to pick up Kitty from a birthday party today and noticed a friend driving a new minivan. Brand spanking new. The exact kind I want. As I stood there waiting I chanted in my mind, "Thou shalt not covet" about 20 times. But really I was coveting. I hate to admit it, but I was. Guess I need to do that Moses/10 commandments scripture study theme again.

Now I am back home and working on the pave stone report again. I have about four more hours to go today on it. Guess I am not getting the grocery shopping done today. Or the laundry. Or the housecleaning. And can I just say thank heaven tomorrow is Sunday and I firmly believe in the Keep the Sabbath Day Holy 10 commandment? One out of ten ain't bad, right? (Actually, that whole adultery one I am good at obeying, too--so really it is two out of ten. Yay for me.)

Hope your Saturday is going better than mine.

Scripture of the Day: Luke 2:10


  1. I am coveting this walkway. We did some of our stuff way cheaper. We did trips back and forth to get the stones and the Jason, I and the kids spent 3 ( all day) saturdays doing it for about 3000.00 total. Our arms grew by 2 inches each though.

    I love observing the sabbath. It is my day to reboot. Funny how we need that more and more as we get older.

  2. I often wonder, too. The conclusion I have come to is this: people are taking money out of their house--which is fine if they have lots of equity as some people do. OR they are going heavily into debt OR they sell drugs. Really, those are the only three options I can come up with. Okay, there's another one--some people really do make a lot of money (but probably not miss new minivan).

  3. Did you kill someone? If not,that would make three out of ten. You coveted a mini-van? What's wrong with you?! Just kidding. You should start coveting cars like the Bugatti Veyron or the Pagani Zonda. That way you will almost never see one to covet. Unless you have a million dollars to spend on a stupid car.

  4. been there, done that :) I'm sure glad most of those commandments are easier to keep than the "thou shalt not covet one!"


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