Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Stocking Swap

This year I participated in a really fun activity for Christmas-- a stocking swap! Sponsored by The Well-Rounded Woman, the stocking swap helped women get their stockings filled for Christmas morning and have it still be surprise. I signed up because I was tired of buying one or two things for myself just to keep up appearances for my kids; and I did not want to nag my husband about another gift related project. I was given Jennie's name (from An Experimental Mommy Life) to buy stocking stuffers for; and my name was given to Jamie from Mom on a Journey.

To decide what to buy for Jennie I read almost her entire blog. From her entries I could tell she liked to cook, so I found a magnetic set of measuring spoons, as well as a rubber spatula. I also learned she liked butterflies and found some bookplates with butterflies to include. To this I added a Toblerone, a candy cane, some soap and bath beads, and a key chain of the Eiffel Tower from my trip to Paris last year. A week or so before Christmas these items were shipped off to the other side of the country for Jennie's DH to place in her stocking.

A few days before Christmas I received a package from Jamie. I set the package aside after giving my husband instructions to fill my stocking with its contents. Then on Christmas morning I awoke to a stocking of treasures: a candle, a box of pumpkin bread mix, a tin of cookies, a 2009 monthly planner, and some Crystal Light drink mix. These items were well-suited to me so I am grateful Jamie did such a good job!

Many thanks to Tara at The Well-Rounded Woman for the stocking swap--it helped to make my Christmas a littler funner this year! And I will definitely be participating again next year in the fun!


  1. How wonderful! I wanna play next year! It's so hard knowing EVERYTHING under the tree.

  2. What a great thing for you. Enjoy this new year.


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