Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Double Up

This scripture tip comes from a former VT companion of mine. She was frustrated because her family schedule made it very difficult for everyone to be together at the same time for scripture study. One child left extra early in the morning for work and another was taking evening classes at college and did not get home until extra late. She struggled with what to do and said the solution she found (or was prompted to) was to double up--hold two scripture study sessions each day.

Her first family scripture study session in the morning was where most of the Book of Mormon reading got done. Each family member (minus the one gone to work) took turns reading and the session lasted 10 to 15 minutes depending on the length of the chapter. Standard stuff.

The second family scripture study session was during dinner time and was typically a topic based discussion. She would read (or have a family member read) a verse from the scriptures and a supporting quote from a general authority. Then the family would take time to discuss the importance of the verse, concept, or principle and discuss ways to apply it in real life. This discussion lasted for the first 5 to 10 minutes and then often led into other general family conversation at the dinner table.

Although my friend originally balked at the thought of doing two sets of family scripture study a day, she said that making the extra effort to make sure every family member was there during at least one session definitely benefited her family.

Maybe the double up solution could benefit your family too!

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Scripture of the Day: Ephesians 5:25


  1. We are in pretty good shape for scripture study at the moment, but I had a friend who held two every morning. One for the seminary set and one for everyone else. That's where we are with morning family prayer. We have at least two. It's easier than fighting to get the younger ones up much earlier than they want. And I figure why not?

    Good Tip!

  2. We have to have two family prayers in the morning to accommodate our kids schedules. We switched our scripture reading to nights at 9pm. Our youngest kids often fall asleep before we are done, but it is the only time we can get everyone together.

  3. Great idea. I will keep this idea in mind for future reference. I am sure it will come in handy someday.

  4. Wonderful idea, I am going to keep this in mind as I see a day coming when I might need to do this.


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