Thursday, February 19, 2009

This place is crawling with Mormons!

So yesterday I put up my post about needing LDS people for a focus group. I also sent out a few e-mails to some friends and family. But you would have thought I put an ad in the Ensign, the Daily Universe, and the Church News for all the calls I got! And e-mail responses too! I had my quota of group members filled within a few hours this morning pretty much. Which is completely crazy. Recruiting for a focus group typically takes a week or two. Not one day.

Seriously, what is up with us Mormons being so well connected? It reminds me of that game we all play with each other at social gatherings.

"Oh, so do you know {fill in the blank with Brother so and so's name}?"

"Yes! He was my home teacher back in college."

"Really? He was my home teacher for a while, too."

"I'll bet he made you that yummy Oreo pie."

"YES! Oh, so delicious. And I have never been able to make it as good as him..."

Admit it. You've had that conversation with someone before. Probably several someones. I know I have.

In fact, I would be willing to be that someone out there probably recognizes a person in the random picture I found on the web of people leaving the conference center.

Does that make us weird? Is this what the scriptures meant by peculiar? Maybe...

But I have to admit this is one of the things I love about Mormon culture. If there is anything of praiseworthy or of good report {read easy way to earn $100}, we make sure our loved ones all know about it!

Scripture of the Day: Moroni 7:45


  1. I don't see anyone I know but it's hard to see everyone in that pic. I have seen people I know on the cover of Ensign mags including the brother of my cousins' wife who lives in Denmark (the brother, not my cousin). It's one of the great things to love about this church!

  2. that is totally awesome!

    nope don't know anyone...dang!

  3. I usually love this game-I guess I like the connnections we make. However, I was once at a retreat where one of the participants did this ALL weekend long with each and every person there. I was so annoyed, I actually took great (perverse) pleasure in the fact that she could not find anyone in common with me (being from a convert family from the boondocks of Idaho). Maybe I should repent :)


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