Friday, February 6, 2009

Police Beat #27

Time for another edition of Police Beat!

Jan. 27: A witness reported seeing two males yelling and shoving each other in the parking lot north of the JKB. The incident involved the driver of a car who had driven over the foot of a man on a motorcycle.

(Comment: Bet that guy re-thinks his dream of becoming one of H*ll's Angels!)

Jan. 28: A student discovered his snowboard, valued at $300, had been stolen from his car in a lot north of the Jesse Knight Building. The victim is unsure if the back of the truck was locked, and there were no signs of forced entry.

(Comment: Probably some MBA student used it for a little fun on the Tanner building stairs.)

Feb. 2: A suspicious man was reported entering the new OIT building on the west side of campus. Police responded and discovered the man was a subcontractor working on the heating system.

(Comment: Working on the heating system or carrying some "heat"? Were those BYU cops duped again?)

Feb. 2: A large male in a red hoodie entered the north side of the Wilkinson Student Center mumbling to himself and appeared to be intoxicated. Police searched the WSC but were unable to locate the man.

(Comment: Hmmm... large male... red hoodie... a Santa Clause siting at BYU!)

Feb. 1: Police received multiple complaints about a student dressed in an ape costume who was harassing students in the library atrium. The suspect received a warning and was told to leave.

(Comment: I see nothing wrong with offering starving college students bananas. I guess they just prefer junk food.)

Scripture of the Day: Matthew 18:10


  1. Seriously - where do you find these ? I kept thinking you were making them up and that eventually you would run out of ideas.

  2. They are published on the BYU Newsnet site; I just cut and paste and then add my comments.

  3. We had someone knock on our window once at night, when we opened it to see who it was it was someone in a gorilla suit! My roommates and I were so scared at first! I guess the gorilla got bored with BYUI after a few years and moved to provo...


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