Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Happenings in My Corner of the Universe

1. On Sunday I had a very pleasant surprise during ward conference: my favorite seminary teacher (currently on the stake high council) spoke to the adults during Gospel Doctrine. Brother Calton was my seminary teacher for two years for what was called the lunch bunch class (we took seminary during our lunch hour and were allowed to bring our meal to eat during class). Those were some of the best two years of high school for me and my testimony of the Gospel flourished from Brother Calton's teachings. And it was wonderful to be under his tutelage again on Sunday.

2. Patch complained recently that a girl at school was lucky--she got to get out of school early to go put her dog to sleep.

3. Despite several small "repairs" my van is still not working. The garage door is not functioning either. I am beginning to feel cursed.

4. Steve has really bad allergies. Spring is a hard time for him. When he mows a lawn he wears a gas mask to protect himself. But usually he still has problems. He had a really hard time sleeping last night.

5. Kitty is doing a book report for school on a biography of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female doctor in the U.S. I need to get a costume together for her to wear that looks like it is from Civil War era. I guess I will be hitting DI looking for pieces. The problem is her size... I don't know if I have ever even seen one in a girls' size 8/10.

6. My shoulder aches from sleeping on it wrong or something. But I don't want to take any ibuprofen because I have my weigh-in tomorrow and don't want the extra water weight it will cause. So I will suffer with it until after my weigh-in.

7. I biffed it in the parking lot of the grocery store on Valentine's Day evening (no comments on the lack of date night, please). I rode my bike to the store to pick up a few groceries and while leaving to come home my bike basket came loose and scattered groceries all over the place. I lost my balance, but was able to recover without injuring myself. But getting home with all the groceries safely was tricky.

8. I am working hard to get my manuscript parts off the the publisher this week. With all the pictures I drew for it (jpeg files)and the word files it can be tricky to make sure I get everything to them.

Scripture of the Day: Moroni 8:17


  1. Do you read Conversion Diary? She's got a 7 Quick Takes Friday carnival. If you could drop one of these (wouldn't it be nice to drop just ONE THING on your plate?? :)), you could link up to her on Friday.

    Congrats/good luck on your manuscript. I entered the giveaway over on MMM -- hope I win!

  2. Just found your blog - LOVE IT! I'll be stopping by again (in a non-stalker kinda way:)
    Sarah from spirituallythinking.blogspot.com

  3. Rich had Bro. Calton as a sem teacher too and said his lesson was awesome on Sunday. Hope your aches and pains are healing up after your spill.

  4. Holy hot pajamas! Ibuprofen causes water retention and subsequent weight gain??? I live on this stuff! I guess there's another reason why I should try to get off of it (the problem is the PAIN).

  5. Yeah, Heidi, according to my WW coach that is the case. Apparently their are numerous meds that have this side effect. I take acetominophin (sp?) instead for pain. But for my shoulder I need to get the swelling down to help it heal.

  6. Brother Calton's first name is Terry.

  7. Then I am jealous you had him for a teacher and a speaker. I have heard him speak/teach several times and love him! I even invited him over to our side of the valley to speak to all our youth. He came even though he had to be here at 6:00 a.m. Just a few weeks ago I attended a class he taught for seminary teachers at the ASU Institute and was once again amazed at what a great teacher he is. How wonderful that you got him every day for two years!


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