Sunday, February 22, 2009

Year of Miracles #44

Last Thursday evening Steve and I stayed up late (to avoid traffic) to tow the van to the fix-it shop. At about 10:45 pm he hitched the van up to his Dad's old truck (borrowed) and we headed toward downtown Mesa. Kitty came along because she was having growing pains in her legs and couldn't sleep.

The towing part itself was uneventful. I am getting pretty experienced at it and good at making sure I don't rear end the towing vehicle. The miracle came when we all got in the truck to head home and it would not start. Yep, the battery needed to be jumped.

So I got out the trusty cell phone to try and find someone to come help and bring us some jumper cables at what was now 11:30 at night.

First call: answering machine

Second call: answering machine

Third call: answering machine

(Seriously, people of Mesa, what's up with not answering phones at night? It might be someone needing jumper cables.)

So finally I called my parents in Gilbert and my dad said he would come right down to help. But right then Steve found jumper cables hidden behind the seat--a very convenient coincidence. So we called back and told my dad not to bother coming, used the van to jump the truck, and headed home.

Scripture of the Day: D&C 131:2


  1. That van sounds like it is held together with duct tape and prayer.

  2. I am feeling your pain with the van. Our suburan died on Saturday. Thank heavens it happened in our drive way. Seems we need to get it towed into the shop this next week. Hope your's is working soon.

  3. Hi Scripture Mom:

    A few weeks ago I told you I would work on a post about what essentially has become the Language of Nephi. It took me longer than I thought it would and its morped into a three or four part series. The first one is ready for posting. Are you still interested? I have it ready to go in HTML with photos and links and such. I can email it to you if you would still like to post it on your sight. Let me know. My email address is

    If I don't get an email from you, I'll assume you're not interested any longer.

    Thanks for suggesting this. Its been a good jaunt of research for me...

    All the best,

    Dave Woolley


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