Wednesday, February 4, 2009

London Snow

I love this picture! Actually, I think I just love London so seeing this picture warms my heart (a bit ironic with the cold snow, huh?). I stole it from a news site where there was an article about London getting shut down last weekend due to snow. It snowed only once while I was there on my mission, and I was there over two full winters. It was only an inch or so then and only stuck around for a day or so. But like all first snows of a season, it was magical and beautiful. It seemed to be a gentle reminder from Heavenly Father that His love is all around us.

Scripture of the Day: Malachi 4:5-6


  1. Oh, in case you didn't see my answer to your comment, yes, I think it is worth it to pay the $10 to put your book in the giveaway if it is a big one. Exposure is priceless! Good luck!

  2. My parents served a mission in Birmingham (though they spent the whole time about an hour north of there)and were surprised at how little it snowed there. (Tons of rain, though. Every single stinkin' day for 10 months straight) This picture is just gorgeous! WVW: telly--as in the very british telly tubbies

  3. Oh, what a beautiful picture! How fun to serve in London. I have been there a couple times and just loved it. Also a boy in our stake just got his mission call last night to Manchester and he will go to the MTC in Preston. I think that is so cool! I served my mission on the equator. No snow there--ever! :-)


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