Friday, February 27, 2009

Police Beat #30

Happy Friday!
I have a very busy day today--I hope your day is fab!

Feb. 18 Two male solicitors went door-to-door selling magazines in Wymount Park, violating the BYU and Provo city soliciting ordinance. Neither solicitor had a license. They were both issued citations and escorted off-campus.

(Comment: I did not know your could get subscriptions to the Ensign or Friend from the missionaries. Good to know.)

Feb. 18 A woman at Wymount Park requested that an officer help her get her money back from the male solicitors selling magazines. She said before she realized, she wrote a $65 check for a subscription. The officer directed her to cancel the check.

(Comment: $65... That's a lot of Ensign subscriptions. She must have got a Liahona subscription too.)

Feb. 21 Grounds workers reported students tying a tight rope around the trees west of Bowen Hall. Students complied when asked to leave.

(Comments: The grounds workers then used the tight rope to trim tree branches previously difficult to reach.)

Feb. 22 Police received a complaint from Wyview about three male individuals with white masks dancing around a car while the complainant and her boyfriend were inside. They said they felt threatened. The masked men were gone when police arrived.

(Comment: Making out in the car is just an invitation for evil spirits to be in your company.)

Feb. 23 An employee in the BYU Bookstore called police to report a student violating Bookstore policy on the text floor by studying out of a textbook. The male was asked to leave and he refused. The suspect was gone when police arrived.

(Comment: It was probably one of these textbooks. I don't blame the guy for not wanting to buy it.)

Scripture of the Day: D&C 88:123


  1. I am glad I clicked on your link to the text books. Very funny. I especially had to laugh at the baby and the vomit book--as my daughter is getting first hand experience with that one. :-)

  2. This seriously makes my Friday! I can't wait to be at BYU or BYU-Id some day...

  3. What's with the suspects always being gone with the police arrive? Utah is so boring!

  4. I was laughing so hard at this post. I also agree that the textbook post was especially humorous. I'm pretty sure the only thing I've gotten there are a copy of the LDS scriptures. Oh the joys of textbook shopping.


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