Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

2009 has begun. I did not stay up to welcome its start--my brain does not function well during those deep hours of the night. But I was awake with its first rays of sun and (peeking out from under warm covers) wished the New Year a happy birthday.

I also pondered what my goals should be for this year. I have several I want to accomplish, but I worry it will be too hard to reach some of them. Some are standard ones I try to accomplish every year:

- Attend the temple monthly
- Live within our means

Some are stretch goals:

-Have a date night once a month
- Lose weight (these last 7 pounds are proving to be stubborn)

And some are just big ideas:

- Submit my manuscript for a second book
- Complete a home improvement project

With all these resolutions floating around in my head, I can't help but think that despite all the challenges 2008 brought, it was truly a good year. In some ways it seemed the world started falling apart, but for me personally 2008 was rewarding. I pray 2009 will be the same way, both for me and for you!

Happy New Year!


  1. Great list of resolutions--and all are very doable. Let us know when (not if) you get that second book done.

  2. You had sun, WARM sun, waking you this morning? Oh, yah, you live in ARIZONA! Sheez. I had to stay in bed until nine before I got any rays peeking in my window--we are having some coastal fog moving in from the SF bay today.

  3. I'm betting you get all this done and more. Just my guess. :)

  4. Good luck with your goals this year. I hope you will continue to record miracles. I have very much enjoyed reading those.

  5. These are my kind of goals. . .worthy and yet attainable. I am happy to hear that 2008 was personally rewarding to you! May 2009 bring you even more blessings :)


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