Sunday, May 3, 2009

Member Missionary Moment #1

Okay, I have decided to replace my Year of Miracles weekly post with this new series: Member Missionary Moments. I am going to exercise my faith, despite that whole Abinadi blessing thing (BTW, no offense to Heather Moore :-). Each week I will accomplish one of the items on a list I was given in a 3 week member missionary Sunday School class the adults in our stake are each going through. The list actually has 101 ways to do member missionary work.

This week I contributed to the Book of Mormon fund when I paid fast offerings (#13 on the list). I think most members would like to just pay money rather than actually have to do member missionary work. But after doing a little research online, I don't feel so terribly lame for choosing this one first. Here is what the fund is about:

"The Book of Mormon fund is used to purchase copies of the Book of Mormon for missionary use. Currently, the Book of Mormon is printed in 104 different languages. Originally printed in 1830, there are over 120 million copies of the book presently in print (News from the Church, Feb 05). Missionaries carry copies of the Book of Mormon to give to prospective members of the church. Copies of the Book of Mormon are distributed worldwide at no charge. For this reason, donations are needed purchase copies." (see here for source)


"Funds contributed to the Book of Mormon category are used to publish copies of the Book of Mormon for use by missionaries worldwide in their proselyting efforts. Wards and stakes that desire to have a local Book of Mormon activity should not collect member contributions for it, but should use budget funds (not Ward Missionary funds) to purchase the books. Also, copies of the Book of Mormon should not be given directly to full-time missionaries; missionaries are to obtain copies of the Book of Mormon exclusively from their mission office. There is no authorization for a local Book of Mormon fund." (see here for source)

I also read that in 1993 the Book of Mormon fund was falling short; the missionaries were giving out more copies of the Book of Mormon than the fund had money to provide. This makes me feel good as I was a missionary for part of that year!

Scripture of the Day: Luke 2:19


  1. I will miss your miracle postings but am looking forward to your missionary moments. Our stake has what they call the "Missionary Buffet" it is similar to your list of 101 things. The thought behind it is to choose something you are comfortable doing and do it so you are at least doing something. Each month you can change your goal to be a little more challenging. This past month we challenged the seminary kids to bring a friend to seminary and had 29 non-members in attendance. It was awesome. I think most of us want to do more, we just need to be encouraged. Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for the links as well.

  2. When we were first called as Ward Missionary's I printed off a similar list of 100 things/ideas and we set to work doing them/. It was really a great idea.

  3. Thanks for the info. This is great. I actually have a copy of the Book of Mormon and some pass along cards sitting at my entry way for people (non-members) to see and take if they want them. Thanks for all your good messages.

  4. Great reminder about the missionary fund! :)

  5. some of my favorite childhood memories are those of my parents doing missionary work. They were awesome missionaries. My dad served as the stake and ward mission leader for years. I loved going out on splits with the sisters. You have stirred a desire be better missinonary in my own home.


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