Monday, May 11, 2009

School is winding down

Including today there are only 9 days of school left for the kids. To be honest I am torn about it. I know they are excited to be done and to have some "time off;" but I also struggle with the messes they make and being pent up at home in the heat. I have tried to put together some activities for them and have signed them up for a few others. Here is what is planned so far:

1. Book Club 4 Boys

I took this idea from here and asked around the neighborhood. Not one person said 'no.' To be honest I was surprised; I thought the boys would not want to do this so much. But I was wrong. They are really looking forward to it.

2. Fun in the Sun

This is a little afternoon camp idea thrown by a gal in my ward. Kitty went last year and loved it; this year I have signed up both girls.

3. Summer Movie Fun

Harkins has some great movies are their lineup this year. And so cheap! I got together with some moms on our street and we will rotate which mom actually takes the kids, while the other moms stay home.

4. Viola Lessons

Kitty will be starting school orchestra in the fall, so she will be doing this to get a leg up. I have hired a Mia Maid in the ward with viola training to teach her the basics. Kitty is excited for it.

5. Swimming

We will be going swimming at set times during the week. This is the first year we do not have swimming lessons or swim team on the schedule, so I need to fit it in somehow. The kids could spend an hour or two every day in the pool; we do not own one, but we have a lot of generous neighbors and grandparents who let us come swim.

6. Yellowstone

Our one big planned trip to take place in June and coincide with a family reunion in SLC. I have not been to Yellowstone since I was about 10. I had about 25 stitches in my foot at the time, so it was not as pleasant an experience as it could have been. I am looking forward to this a lot.

I guess that about wraps it up. I may also try to put together a rotating play group for Sweetie Peach and her friends--I need something cheap but fun for her and she is very social. Any ideas? What are your summer plans?

Scripture of the Day: Genesis 3:20


  1. I can't believe it's almost summer!

  2. We are so excited for you guys to come to Yellowstone! Marc has never been! We are planning on going in the next few weeks!

    Could you do a kids cooking class for Sweetie Peach? All the moms could take turns helping them decorate cookies or make fun summer treats? Sounds like you guys have a great summer planned!

  3. We have 3 weeks left.

    My daughter is going to start violin this summer too.

    I am buying the summer pool pass which goes on sale in a week. $150 for 3 months of swimming any time you want all summer. No swim lessons this year!

  4. We still have a month left and I'm glad! I do so love the loose structure of summer but expectations are so high and the first couple of weeks can get pretty rough until everyone settles into a new routine. I so don't know what I'm going to do--I have no ideas. Well, I always have ideas but rarely follow through on them.

  5. I am worried about bored kids this summer too, but mine are too young for a lot of activities. All four of us will do swim lessons for two sessions and we have a two week trip to UT planned. I need day activities I can pull out on a boring day. Hoping to use the culture pass a lot and maybe go camping.


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