Friday, May 15, 2009

Police Beat #39

Happy Friday!!
I hope you are ready for a great weekend!

April 27: A male student stole a $99 textbook from the Bookstore around 6 p.m. The suspect has been identified but the case is currently under investigation with charges pending.

(Comment: He needed the textbook for a final at 7 p.m. Procrastination never yields positive results.)

April 29: Graffiti of a dollar sign and a large nose with two eyes was found on the Maeser Hill stairs. The suspect is unknown but the graffiti appears to not be gang related.

(Comment: Maybe not gang related, but what about Gadianton robber related? Hmm...)

April 22: Two loud bangs were reported in Helaman Halls. Police found five dry ice and acid bomb devices at the site, but no suspects. The case is currently under investigation.

(Comment: In fact the entire floor was completely empty of residents. Those boys must have cleared out of there as fast as the cockroaches.)

April 25: A 20-year-old male and female were found digging through the temporary DI storage unit placed north of Rogers Hall. They were asked to move along.

(Comment: What? BYU students aren't poor enough for DI? Haven't they heard the phrase "poor college students"?)

April 29: It was reported that two students were climbing the side of the Faculty Office Building around midnight. When an officer arrived, he was unable to locate the suspects.

(Comment: Another case of missing suspects. The BYU police must have a huge backlog of those.)

Scripture of the Day: Exodus 20:12


  1. Digging through the garbage bin of a thrift store--what a great idea! I'm serious! I need to try that . .

  2. I have been out of town for two days and just got back. How fun to sit down and relax with your post!It always makes me smile.

  3. Son and I just had a good laugh.


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