Thursday, May 7, 2009

Story Power

Here are some excerpts of a great article by Kristine Frederickson, who writes for Mormon Times. Since scripture stories are one of the best ways to hold effective family scripture study sessions with young children, her points seem very helpful. Originally published last January, you can click here to read the full article.

"One especially effective way to learn gospel principles is to study the stories we find in the scriptures. Storytelling always has been a productive and powerful way to disseminate moral and cultural values to a society. Scripture stories teach and reinforce theological truths. While doctrinal discourses and pithy maxims offer great insight into gospel doctrine, stories are particularly effective because:

"1. They are easily remembered.

"2. They offer doctrine in a palatable form.

"3. Their often compelling storylines induce readers or listeners to finish the narrative.

"4. As aspects of our lives relate to a story they establish for us an instinctive personal connection to the tale...

"Stories 'show not merely what people thought, but how they thought -- how they construed their world, invested it with meaning, and infused it with emotion. ... (how) ordinary people made sense of their world.'...

"A similar claim can be made about Bible stories. They are written to illuminate eternal Christian truths. They educate readers about right and wrong. Read prayerfully they will sharpen an individual's moral compass. A small sampling of Old Testament stories illustrates this verity...

"Scripture stories are powerful learning and teaching tools. They are deeply invested with meaning, elucidate doctrine and have wide application. They can be profitably read and taught over and over again. However, as valuable as they are, they are of little worth if they are not studied, taught and treasured. It is our implicit duty to know them, teach them and apply the principles in them in our lives."

Scripture of the Day: Luke 8:21


  1. Great article! And the best thing is that once the story gets into the hearts of our children, they can draw upon the principles taught in it again and again all through their lives.

  2. I just have that song in my mind....Scripture Power...

  3. So no police beat this week has made me wonder if you are okay.


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