Monday, May 26, 2008

4 Fun Trail Mixes

Over the weekend I spent time preparing some snack basket items for my hubby to use while I am gone on my Paris/London trip. Specifically, I put together four different types of trail mixes in Ziploc sandwich bags. I think the combinations turned out good and thought I might share.

Combination #1: Fruity Mix
For each serving put together:
1 T. Gerber Graduates strawberry yogurt melts
1 T. Gerber Graduates strawberry-apple puffs (or knock off-brand)
1/2 individual package of fruit snacks (about 4 pieces)
1 heaping tablespoon multi-colored mini marshmallows
2 T. Fruity Cheerios or Fruit Loops
1 T. almonds
1 T. dried cranberries or Craisins

Combination #2: Peanutty
For each serving put together:
1 T. Reeses pieces
1 T. peanuts
2 T. plain Cheerios
4 waffle pretzels
1/2 of a crunchy peanutty-type granola bar, crushed
4 Ritz bits peanut butter sandwiches
1 T. raisins (optional)

Combination #3: Cheesy
For each serving put together:
1 heaping tablespoon cheesy Goldfish
8 Cheeze-its (small size)
8 pretzel sticks
1 T. peanuts
2 T. Corn Chex
4 Ritz bits cheese sandwiches

Combination #4: Chocolatey
For each serving put together:
1 T. Plain M&Ms
1 scant T. dark chocolate chocolate chips
8 Teddy Grahams (plain)
1 T. high fiber cereal (i.e. Fiber One)
1 T. plain Cheerios
1/2 low fat chewy chocolate chip granola bar, chopped up
4 mini Oreo sandwiches

Scripture of the Day: F-1, Ether 12:3-4


  1. Where did you find multi-colored mini-marshmallows? I volunteered to bring them to Vacation Bible School and now can't find any!

  2. I found them at my local Super WalMart. I hope you are able to find them in your area!


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