Monday, May 12, 2008

Thank Heaven It's Over

Thank heaven Mother's Day is over! Here is how my day went:
- Up at 5:30 am to make breakfast to take to my mother (she was flying out of town later in the day and this was the only chance I would see her).
- 7:15 am: Left the house with kids (sans husband) to deliver breakfast.
- 7:30 am: Delivered corsage for mother-in-law to wear to church.
- 7:45 am: Arrived at my parents house and served up breakfast. Stayed 1 hour.
- 9:00 am: Arrived home to find monkey pictures for me on kitchen table from my hubby. I do not like monkeys--he does. Here is a sample picture:
- 9:00 am: Prepared pork loin for oven and later for hubby to put in smoker for family dinner.
- 9:30 am: worked on craft/Mother's Day gift idea for nursery kids to take home. Lots of cutting, but I thought it turned out cute. Instead of a real packet of seeds I printed out seed packets from the Internet and then put the kids' pictures on them. Then wrote on the watering can: "A mother's love helps children grow." The idea came from this picture from am: Prepared some small gifts for VT ladies and sister-in-laws.
-11:00 am: Took a nap for 45 min.
-Noon: Made lunch and started nagging kids to get their church clothes on.
-1:00 pm: Got ready for church; prepared snack for nursery.
-1:30 pm: Church started; sacrament meeting had great talks; nursery was busy.
-5:00 pm: After church Steve takes kids and roast to family party; I wait for my parents to come so I can drop them off at the airport.
-6:00 pm: Parents arrive (late); drive to airport and then to Chandler
-7:00 pm: I arrive at family party
-8:15 pm: Leave family party to get kids home to bed

Of course there was more, but I will not continue to bore you. It was just a long day and I am glad it is over. I love being a mom, but do not like Mother's Day.

Scripture of the Day: T-21, Matt. 25:21

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