Saturday, May 10, 2008

Problem Solved

Patch and his cousin Josh

This morning Patch was complaining about not being able to watch rated R and PG-13 movies. All his good friends and the neighbor kids watch them, he whined. I was disappointed in his attitude and did not say anything immediately-- I wasn't sure how to respond. Then I had a thought to pull out the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet and have him read the counsel there. So I got it out and opened it up to the Entertainment and Media page and asked him to read it and tell me what he thought it meant. A few minutes later he explained to me (quite well I might add) the doctrine taught there. Then all I had to say was that by restricting the movie-watching I was trying to follow the prophet's counsel and be a good parent. No more whining happened and a short while later he started watching the DVD of Evan Almighty and said to me, "This is a good movie to watch, Mom, because the story comes partly from the New Testament." Okay, so I still need to work on the scripture story location part of our study, but overall I rate this as a success!

Scripture of the Day: H-25, Alma 18:35

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