Saturday, May 3, 2008

Year of Miracles #2

Late last year I gave a bid to a client for completing some secondary research. It was a standard bid for 12 hours of searching and compiling. After not hearing back from the client for a month I had mentally decided the project was not likely to happen. But then late in January I received a call from the client--the project had come through. And they wanted to double the hours and bid total to ensure the information they needed me to compile was as thorough as possible. I was pleased (the extra money would come in handy) and gave them a timeline for the project. I completed the research over the next month. Then there were two presentation meetings two weeks apart. By this time it was nearly March and I decided it was time to invoice the project: $1330. Of course it took them a little over a month to get me the check. And here is the miracle: the check arrived the same week in April that we had an unexpected financial cost of $1300.

Scripture of the Day: A-9, Alma 44:4

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